What are kids reading – Report

We looked at a report about what are kids reading, a study by Professor Keith Topping, Professor of Educational and Social Research, School of Education, University of Dundee. Who wanted to find out the book reading habits of students in british schools in 2015.

The information for the report was gathered from over 9 million quizzes taken by over 580 thousand children in 2757 schools throughout the country.

What are kids reading

So, what did they find out about what are kids reading?

Interestingly they found that in the first 3 years of schooling students steadly read more and more books, which peaks in year 3 at around 32 books. After which, the number of books read declines each year and it seems that its not until year 13 that the book readers start to read more again.

The report also shows that children much prefer to read fiction books to non- fiction, although older children do like to read autobiography’s – Not surprising we would say, they are reading for enjoyment rather than to learn, but a mixture of both would of course be better.

They found that children read at or above their chronological age for the first six years of school. After that book difficulty reached a state of little or no change. However, this was better than the decline that had showed in previous years.

Children read 121,591,815,854 words! They were reading longer than previously recorded but not necessarily harder books.



Top authors read by children recorded

Jeff Kinney was the top author – Who is the author of the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid series, who won the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Book amongst others.

With Roald Dahl and Roderick Hunt in second place.


We’d like to thank What are kids reading for this information and you can find out much from the What are kids reading website and by downloading the report.

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