The Ghosts at Windsor Castle

The Ghosts at Windsor Castle aren’t the only ghosts from Royal Palaces or Castles in the UK, many are said to be haunted, probably because they very historical places where in the past drama, scandal and tragedy often occurred.

For instance there is

Balmoral Castle – Haunted by John Brown – a servant to the queen.

Palace of Holyroodhouse – Haunted by Lord Darnley – Mary Queen of Scots husband.

Buckingham Palace – Haunted by a monk who died when, a monastery used to be there.

Hampton Court – Believed to be haunted by Catherine Howard

Kensington Palace – Is notorious for its ghostly sightings

But Windsor Castle is said to have the most ghosts of all.


The Ghosts at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle has a fantastic history and is said to have many many ghosts,  the most of all of the Royal Palaces and Castles, 25 Ghosts have been sighted in Windsors Castle – dating back to the days of William the Conqueror  which is around 1000 years.

The most famous of all of the ghosts is of course….

The Ghosts at Windsor Castle

King Henry the VIII

Henry is said to have been seen many times walking around the castle, sometimes people have said they’ve heard him moaning and groaning as he paces up and down the corridors.

Anne Boleyn

Wife of Henry the viii who was beheaded in the tower of long has been seen haunting the Deans Cloister at Windsor Castle, usually crying at the Window or peering in through them.

Charles I

Has been identified after looking exactly like his own portrait.

Elizabeth I

Members of the royal family over hundreds of years have said that they have seen this woman in black lace they believe to be Elizabeth the I clunking around in her high heels around the library.

King George III

George has been sighted many times over the years going back to Victorian times – usually peaking in through windows and doors.


Queen Victoria

Was said to have been seen running from the castle waving her arms around – seemingly at the disapproval of some trees being removed.

There also many other ghosts that have been seen, which may have been workers, or servants from the past.

These great history ghost stories from Windsor Castle is what makes it so exciting and mysterious.

In the book by Gerda Weissmann Klein, The Windsor Caper we even get to meet some of these ghostly characters when two girls find themselves locked in for the night and have an amazing adventure, who knows if they are awake or not when they meet The Ghosts at Windsor Castle


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