The Windsor Caper


When two American girls, Alysa and Julie, visit London’s Windsor Castle, the day turns into a much bigger adventure than expected – they find themselves locked in for the night. Taking refuge in the royal bedchamber, the girls meet some famous (and not-so-famous) figures from English history and get a crash course in heraldry. Then things turn nasty as they come face-to-face with a pair of thieves . . . This delightful, gentle and magical story by Gerda Weissmann Klein brings alive the fascinating pageantry of English history.

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Product Description

The Windsor Caper is a delightful, gentle and magical book for children by the acclaimed writer and humanitarian, Gerda Weissmann Klein.
Infused with drama and mystery the book follows Julie on an amazing journey. What begins as a once in lifetime trip from America to London soon develops into an intriguing, fantastic adventure as Julie and cousin Alysa piece together clues to a major art theft that has Scotland Yard baffled. Along the way, she is guided by the mysterious Penny and a series of characters from throughout history. Will she put together the clues in time?


About Gerda Weissmann Klein
Gerda is a powerful campaigner for tolerance and human rights. Raised in Bielsko, Poland, from age 15 she suffered six years under the Nazis, first confined to the basement of her home, then in the local ghetto, followed by a series of slave labor camps. This culminated in a 350-mile forced march in the winter of 1945. Of the more than 2,000 women who began the Death March, fewer than 120 survived. She was eventually liberated by a US Army officer, Kurt Klein – himself a refugee from Germany – who later became her husband. She is the subject of One Survivor Remembers, an intensely moving HBO film that received an Academy Award for best documentary. In 2012, the film was selected by the Library of Congress to be entered into the National Film Registry.
A powerful writer, her autobiography All But My Life, first published in 1957 and now in its 68th US edition, is an inspiring testament to hope, friendship and love. Gerda is still writing at age 89 and her published books span the spectrum, from a biography of a Southern philanthropist who played a key role in combating racial discrimination in the segregated South in the 1960s, to books that help children understand autism and those who are developmentally disabled.
Gerda is a charismatic public speaker who has delivered her messages across the US and much of the world – focusing not on the horrors she experienced but, rather, on the uplifting dimensions of the human spirit. An illustrative example of her humanitarian work, Gerda and her late husband were invited to help the children and families of Columbine High School, following the tragedy in that community. President Bill Clinton appointed her to the governing board of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
In 2008 she founded Citizenship Counts, which promotes education for tolerance, engaged

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