Inside Windsor Castle – The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of WaterlooWe thought we take a look inside Windsor Castle and we found amongst other treasures The Battle of Waterloo exhibition.

Windsor castle is one of the Queens royal palaces and the oldest occupied castle in the World!

With over 900 years of royal history it not surprising that Windsor castle gets over 1 million visitors each year from all over the world.


What might you find inside Windsor Castle

Windsor castle not only looks magnificent from the outside but inside you will find a huge treasure trove of Royal artifacts, art, and memorabilia. Its worth a look if you like art or are interested in history.

Amazing Windsor Castle Facts

Queen Mary’s Dolls House

The first thing we might mention is Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. The Royal Dolls house had over 1000 artists work on it, it has a tiny clock that actually works and a book library that is filled with real books. And of course, as you would expect it has electricity and its own plumbing system.


Weapons and Armour

There are many different type of arms and weaponry on the walls at Windsor castle but the most memorable is the suit of Armour made for Henry the 8th in the 1500’s

Portraits and Paintings

There are the finest works of art you could imagine in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle – paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto.

Even Stained-glassed window images can seen in St George’s Chapel like the one of Henry VIII

You can read about how the paintings once came to life for two american girls in The Windsor Caper 



Before you read about the Waterloo at Windsor Exhibition please take a look at this short video – which gives you a tour side the magnificent castle

 The Battle of Waterloo

There is an enormous Chamber at Windsor castle which is 30 by 14.4 meters that was created to display portraits of people involved in the Battle of Waterloo, including one of The Duke of Wellington which dominates the room under a triumphal arch.  There is actually also a painting of The Waterloo Chamber by Joseph Nash from 1844 of the Queen entering the Waterloo Gallery. In the Chamber are an amazing total of 38 portraits.

The Battle of Waterloo

At the moment at Windsor Castle and throughout this year, instead of just being able to view the room at either end you can now walk right through the chamber and look at all of the art, portraits and paintings!   No, you won’t get into trouble doing as there is an official exhibition to mark the bicentenary of The Battle of Waterloo – Waterloo at Windsor 1815 – 2015.

The Exhibition has a themed trail, including prints, drawings, items from the battlefield, historical documents and other archival material to explore the battle! This exhibition is great for Schools studying the Battle of Waterloo.

Some highlights of the trail are..

Napoleons letter

Along the trail you will find Napoleons letter of surrender as well as previously unseen letters from the Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

Napoleons cloak

Napoleons striking red cloak made of felt and embroidered in silk – which was taken from the Emperors baggage train.

The Waterloo chair made from the elm tree that marked the Duke of Wellingtons post on the battlefield and also  The Table des Grands Capitaines (Table of the Great Commanders) which commissioned by Napoleon said to be one of George IVs most prized possessions are also among the artifacts on display


To find out more about The Battle of Waterloo and for tickets for Waterloo at Windsor – please go to – RoyalCollection.Org





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