Getting Your Kids to Love Reading [Infographic]

We recently wrote a post about helping our children read more books – and this infographic Getting your kids to love reading by has some great points that we thought you’d love.

As we all know reading is fundamental to our child’s learning, and as we pointed out before even though children do learn to read at school – reading with your children is one of the most important things you can do.   Its the best way to increase your child’s IQ and to let them know pleasure of reading without it being a chore.

Reading with your young child can help them to – recognise letters, learn how to turn the page and hold the book, expand their vocabulary, improve their language skills, see the relationship between letters and words and even to understand that the text represents the spoken word, but don’t stop as your child grows, as reading with them continues to help them.

Keep reading to your children

Getting your kids to love readingAt the start of this year – Scholatic produced a report saying that nine out of 10 parents say that their children read books aloud at home before the age of 6.  Which is 91% that is great!

However according to this report – only half of these read 5-7 days a week.

And this figure goes all the way down to 17% as children reach the age of 9.  Even though when  children 8-10 were asked – 83% of them said they loved being read to aloud at home.

So, we clearly we need to read to them more and it might help to know the tricks to getting your kids to love reading.

Getting your kids to love reading

Check out the tips from this infographic and see if you can put these into practice today.

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We hope that some of these tips are things that you had not thought of and will help getting your kids to love reading.

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