Check out The Windsor Caper children’s book for free

Now you can check out The Windsor Caper children’s book for free

In our download we have included two chapters of The Windsor Caper to spark your interest, the first chapter and a chapter from the middle of the book.

The Windsor Caper was written by the now 90 year old Gerda Weissmann Klein acclaimed writer of several popular books including her award winning autobiography  All but my life  which is a classic of Holocaust literature.  The Windsor Caper however is completely different to which Gerda refers to as “the only book I have written that is not rooted in pain

Check out The Windsor Caper children's book for free

 What is The Windsor Caper story?

It’s about the adventures of two little American girls who are accidentally locked into Windsor Castle and have an extraordinary night of adventure. They meet historical and imaginary characters and heraldic creatures (perhaps while dreaming) and successfully disrupt an attempted robbery by couple of ruthless art thieves. It is set some time in the 1980, when Gerda originally wrote it as a children’s weekly serial for the Buffalo News.

The President said when honoring Gerda the 2010 Medal of Freedom…

As an author, a historian and a crusader for tolerance — she has taught the world that it is often in our most hopeless moments that we discover the extent of our strength and the depth of our love.

The Windsor Caper can be purchased in various forms from a variety of book stores see the website The Windsor Caper for details.

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