The first book you remember reading #booksamillion

What is the first book you remember reading – As Guardian books are approaching one million followers, they are asking the question. The first book you remember reading From our own point of view its very interesting to see the tweets about your first book that you can remember or your … Read More

Check out The Windsor Caper children’s book for free

Now you can check out The Windsor Caper children’s book for free In our download we have included two chapters of The Windsor Caper to spark your interest, the first chapter and a chapter from the middle of the book. The Windsor Caper was written by the now 90 year … Read More

Awesome Windsor Castle Facts

As The Windsor Caper is set in Windsor Castle we thought we’d share with you some Windsor Castle facts – to maybe get you in the mood to look at our book! Windsor Castle Facts The most amazing fact about Windsor Castle is that it is the oldest and largest … Read More

Author Biography Gerda Weissmann Klein

Gerda Weissmann Klein was born in 1924 in Bielsko, Poland. She was only fourteen years old when the Nazis invaded. Her parents and brother, died during the Holocaust but Gerda was destined to survive. She spent six years enduring a ghetto, a series of labour camps and a 350-mile death … Read More

All but My Life

The story of Gerda Weissmann Klein’s six-year ordeal as a victim of Nazi cruelty. It takes the reader on a terrifying journey from the author’s comfortable home in the Polish town of Bielitz to her survival and liberation by American troops – one of whom was to become her husband … Read More

The Hours After

Over fifty years ago, Gerda Weissmann was barely alive at the end of a 350 – mile death march which took her from a slave labour camp in Germany to the Czech border. On May 7, 1945, the American military stormed the area and the first soldier to approach Gerda … Read More