Awesome Windsor Castle Facts

As The Windsor Caper is set in Windsor Castle we thought we’d share with you some Windsor Castle facts – to maybe get you in the mood to look at our book!

Windsor Castle Facts

The most amazing fact about Windsor Castle is that it is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world!!

The castle  was built to replace a Saxon Palace by William the Conqueror in 1070 – it took 16 years to complete!   The Castle was first build in wood and then upgraded to stone by Henry 1st 2nd and 3rd who continued the building.

100 years later Edward the 3rd completely changed Windsor from a military fortification to a Gothic palace.

Various Royal occupants over the years have upgraded, restored, repair and modernised the castle to the one we know and love now.

The biggest restoration was after The Windsor Fire in 1992 which cost 37 million pounds.



More awesome Windsor Castle facts

  • The Castle grounds cover 52,609 square metres (13 acres).
  • There were more than one million visitors to the Castle between 2010 and 2011.
  • St George’s Hall is the biggest room in the Castle. It is 55.5m long and 9m wide and can seat up to 162 for a State Banquet.
  • 40 monarchs, including Her Majesty The Queen, have called the Castle home.
  • The motte on which the Round Tower sits is the oldest part of the Castle. The
    newest part is the Lantern Lobby in the State Apartments.
  • The oldest glazed window in the Castle dates back to approximately 1236. It is
    thought to have been a wedding gift from King Henry III to his wife Eleanor of
  • The Great Fire at Windsor started on 20 November 1992. It took 15 hours and
    1.5million gallons of water to put it out.
  • The fire damaged or destroyed 20% of the Castle area.

  • Most of the Kings & Queens of England since the War of the Roses have been buried in St. George’s Chapel. King Henry VI was worshipped as a saint. He attracted many pilgrims to the Castle.
  • The famous playwright, William Shakespeare, wrote a play called ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ in Tudor times. It was performed for the first time in the Castle Library for Queen Elizabeth I.
  • After the English Civil War, Cromwell wanted to pull the Castle down. Fortunately, he was beaten by one vote in Parliament!

Who has lived in Windsor Castle

  • Henry I, Henry II, Henry III and Edward III
  • Henry V, Henry VII and Henry VIII
  • Edward VI, Elizabeth I and James I
  • Charles I and Charles II
  • Queen Anne
  • George III
  • George IV
  • Queen Victoria
  • King Edward VII
  • King George V
  • King George VI

It is said that Windsor castle is haunted by many of these royals including Henry VIII – check out the Windsor Caper to hear more about that!



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